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We are proud to issue a new Back Bay Country Club (BBCC) T-Shirt to celebrate its complete rehabilitation after becoming a bit dawg-eared!




When the infill of the Back Bay was completed in 1882, it inadvertently provided the foundation for the future BBCC which was founded (in spirits) in 1889.

The subsequent creation of Kenmore Square in 1900 facilitated staggered travel between the BBCC and various destinations in the Fenway. This provided a critical, well-travelled pathway between the two portions of the city.

The BBCC first rose to prominence in the 1970’s and the tradition continues to this day.  The first shirts were created in 1979 and (re)production continued through the 1990’s.

The membership in the club has remained (somewhat) stable and while it is highly sub-rosa, it continues to initiate new members.

Join the fun with this commemorative shirt!

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